The auto transportation industry has received more attention in recent times due to consumers being more attracted to buying vehicles from e-commerce websites. The accessibility of transacting businesses online has increased the opportunity for car sellers to expand their reach through car shipping services.

Judging car shipping services

Choosing the right car shipping service is just as important as choosing a removal service to carry your belongings from your old place. These services are essential not just for people who buy vehicles online, but also for individuals who are relocating to a new home. Since not many people want to go through the hassle of driving for more than a day to do inter-state travel, car shipping services allow their customers to pack light when going to their new homes.

In this article, we will share three helpful tips in choosing the right car shipping service:

1. Do research on different companies

Whether you’re looking for a company to help you move into a new place or to deliver your brand-new car, choosing the right car shipping service will require you to do research on their background. Before you decide to agree to their services, you should figure out a few things about how they plan to deliver your vehicle.

If the companies you’ve chosen have similar quotes, you should look instead at the different policies and packages that they offer. You should be aware of their insurance policies for sustained damages during transport, who your point person will be for pickup and delivery, and whether they do door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal deliveries.

2. Avoid spending on cheap services

Once you’ve trimmed down your options, you should be wary about choosing the cheapest service. Sometimes, companies offer cheap rates to entice you into using your service, but low quotes don’t always mean that they’re the best purchase.

If a company offers you with a lowball quote that’s too cheap compared to your other options, this could impact the pickup and delivery dates of your vehicle. This is because an auto transport broker has to find a willing auto carrier to transfer your car with the low rates they offer. Cheap vehicle hauling prices might look like an initial blessing, but it can become an inconvenience in the long run.

3. Take note of pickups and delivery dates

Once you’ve chosen a company, you should remember the pickup and delivery dates for your vehicle. Auto transport services will try to give an estimated delivery date, but the pickup schedule almost always lands on the agreed-upon time.

Depending on the weather, traffic, and road conditions, your car might not be able to arrive on the estimated delivery date. However, you should ask and receive constant updates on the tracking of your vehicle if ever there are delays during travel.


Leaving your car to an auto transport service is a considerable risk on your part, which is why you should always find a reliable company to handle its delivery. Make sure that you look for information not only on their company website but also from customer reviews of their previous clients. Customer testimonies can be the most reliable source of information with regards to hiring a car shipping service.

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