Whether you are relocating for a job or just moving to a different place to enjoy a new environment, there are many things you have to do in the process. Apart from moving your furniture, you also have to ship any cars that you might own.

However, before you go online and opt for any vehicle carrier service provider to take care of the job for you, it pays to know what to keep an eye out for to ensure that your car remains safe and that you stay out of trouble.

1. Payment

When it comes to paying, you must know how the shipment company will go about receiving it. If you find that they are asking for up-front payment, reconsider. That is because an excellent auto shipping service will never ask you to pay in full at the start. While they might ask you to cover a few initial costs, they will only ask for the rest of the payment once the job has been completed.

2. Rates

Always check the prices auto carriers have to offer and see whether or not these cover everything. In most, if not all, cases, a reputable carrier will be transparent about their rates. Do remember to ask them how they set those rates and see whether any additional fees might be required. That way, you will not be surprised by any costs that you were not told about.

Do not forget to ask about any ongoing promotions or deals, too. For instance, if you are transporting multiple cars, you might get to enjoy some discounts.

3. Registration

Only reputable carriers will be registered to the Department of Transportation. You can confirm this by asking them to provide their DoT number which you can verify on the official website.

That said, the carriers should also be appropriately registered, depending on the services they offer. For example, the carrier should be registered to the Federal Maritime Commission if they utilize ships to send cars abroad.

4. Insurance

Insurance is a must-have in any scenario. This ensures that you do not have to worry about paying for any damages that occur during the shipment of the vehicle.

With that in mind, always ask the carrier for the policies they offer. If you find that they are not enough, you can negotiate with them to increase the coverage.


Other than the four things we have shared with you so far, there are a few things you must also consider, such as delivery times and required documents. Additionally, remember to stay in close contact with the service provider throughout the entire process. Let them know about your specific needs beforehand, and make sure that the service provider has the capacity to fulfill them.

Finally, it is always a good idea to negotiate. If you find something that you don’t agree with, such as full up-front payment, ask if the service provider is willing to adjust their policies for you. If not, then you are better off looking elsewhere.

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