Cars are expensive investments. If you are moving to another city or state, you would want to transport your car with you to avoid spending thousands of dollars on a new vehicle. Luckily, many auto transport companies today ensure that your car will safely arrive at your destination.

If you are planning to move out and transport your vehicle to another state, here is what you should do before booking a vehicle transport in the USA:

Preparing your vehicle

Before even booking for a car transport service, you should clean out and prepare your vehicle beforehand. It would be best if you did this early on to avoid having to rush things at the last minute.

1. Remove personal items

Most companies offer car insurance when transporting your car. However, that does not mean that they would be responsible for any loss or damage to personal items that you left inside your vehicle. Make sure to clean out your vehicle ahead of time.

Additionally, the rate of the transport service depends on the weight of your vehicle. That is why you should remove heavy items that you have in your car to save costs.

2. Inspect and take “before” photos

To make sure that you have evidence in case the company damages your car during transportation, take pictures of your vehicle before handing it over to the auto movers.

They are responsible for any damages that your car may incur. In case they deny being responsible for any damage they inflicted on your vehicle, presenting photos of your vehicle before transit will ensure that you will get the right compensation.

Before booking

There are plenty of companies that offer vehicle transport in the USA, so make sure to do your research first about the company you are eyeing. Only work with a company that has an excellent reputation and plenty of positive feedback from their previous clients.

1. Read reviews about the company

You can check the reliability and professionalism of a company by reading reviews and feedback about their services online.

Read reviews about the auto transport company on their website or social media pages. For instance, Facebook has a dedicated review section on a page where customers can rate and leave a message about the company’s services.

2. Check the legitimacy of their insurance coverage

To ensure the safety and security of your vehicle, work only with a company that offers car insurance during transit.

Ask for a copy of their insurance policy and review its terms and conditions. Identify what is and what is not covered by their insurance. If you want additional assistance on understanding the insurance, you can reach out to your lawyer or anyone with significant expertise in such matters.

Before transporting

Once you have decided to book with a particular company, you should communicate with them properly. If you want to clarify or know something, this is the best time to consult with them.

1. Communicate your expectations

Transporting your vehicle to another city or state can be a hassle, so make sure to communicate your expectations to avoid getting disappointed later on. Discuss with them the time you would need the vehicle to be shipped and delivered, your preferred route if you have one, and other details that you consider important.

2. Discuss any oddities in your car

The auto transport company would appoint a driver-in-charge for your vehicle. With that said, you should discuss any irregularities in your car so the driver would know how to operate it correctly.

Oddities that you should disclose includes:

  • Cut-off or kill switches
  • Brakes squeaking or grinding
  • Broken warning lights
  • A faulty battery

Doing so will prevent damages to your car and injuries to the people taking care of it.


When booking a service with an auto transport company, you should consider their terms, conditions, offered services, as well as the feedback they receive from their previous clients. Make sure to do your research first and work only with reputable and trusted companies.

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