If this is your first time to ship a car, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we provide you with everything you need to know auto transport companies and how to choose the right one for you. Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about car shipping companies:

How will you ship my automobile?

We ship cars anywhere in the US. In JP Auto Transport, we have company-owned car carrier trucks, and we’re partnered with other carriers and nationwide drivers to take care of our shipping services. Other auto transport companies use different services to ship your car. Some offer terminal pickup only. We offer a door-to-door service, where we ship your car directly to your specified address or as close as possible.  

How long will it take?

The shipping time depends on the distance between point A and point B. The total time may also be affected by the mode of transportation you’ll choose and the dates you’re hoping to receive it. When you ask for a quote, your chosen auto shipping company should be able to give you a rough estimate.

What is the cheapest vehicle transport option for me to ship my car?

The cheapest option for most car transport is the use of an open-air truck trailer. Consider checking various companies to compare and get the best cost that suits your budget. Being flexible with your dates also help. Avoid scheduling during busy days, such as holidays or the summer season, to cut on your expenses. 

What is the best auto transport company?

It’s easy to find an auto shipping company. A simple search online can give you plenty of options. However, the best auto transport company for you should have the following:

1. Has good reviews

Similar to how you decide on whether to buy a product or not, you need to see if it has positive feedback first. Check the auto transport companies’ websites and social pages, and see how their customers respond to their services. Doing so will help you gauge how they work. Contacting some of the customers for direct feedback may also be insightful for you. 

2. Provides full insurance coverage

Cars are valuable possessions, so you cannot simply trust this investment to anyone. Choose an auto shipping company that provides liability and cargo coverages. Besides ensuring the safety of your vehicle, it also gives you peace of mind.

3. Provides a realistic shipping cost and has no surprise or hidden charges

Other services provide a cost estimate that is far from the actual charge you get after. Make sure your service provider is a trustworthy auto shipping company that shows you the right computation and is transparent when it comes to the dependent variables of your total cost. 

On your end, provide all the information about the car that the auto transport company is requesting. Details about the current condition of your car can affect the total rate, so always be honest. This way, there will be no surprises when it comes to the rate computation, and it will ensure your car’s safety.

4. Gives off rewards or bonuses

Shipping a car can be expensive, so if your chosen company provides a reward or percentage off to their services, it’s a sign they take care of their clients.


Deciding on the right car shipping company for you may be intimidating at first because of all the information you should know, but we hope our little guide helped you understand how the system works. Doing your research, reviewing feedback, and making comparisons are the best way to limit your options.

Choose us at JP Auto Transport! We are your best auto transport company that provides US nationwide car shipping with full insurance coverage and door-to-door service. Contact us now and get a free quote.