When it comes to car delivery companies, some clients don’t always understand the rules and regulations and end up with misconstructions. It can turn out to be a big problem, especially when transactions and shipping agreements are involved. That’s why no matter how big or small the delivery is, handling a shipping job is no easy task.

Some possible reasons that could have caused these false impressions about car shipping companies are a customer’s lack of knowledge regarding automobile services and the poor communication expressed between client and owner. Both problems can easily be solved by educating yourself and striving to stay connected.

If you want to know more about these auto transport misconceptions, read on further below.

All Auto Transport Companies Provide the Same Services

Clients expect that just because another auto transport company has a specific array of services, it means that all other companies are supposed to have them too. But that isn’t the case at all. Different car shipping companies are not all the same because they provide different kinds of services as well.

Some companies may provide full insurance coverage, others may not. Some may provide door-to-door service, others may not. It all depends on the auto transport company you end up choosing. Each company has its own goals and offers its unique services.

The Duration of Auto Transportation will Take a Long Time

Some clients are impatient when it comes to finding out the estimated schedule of having their automobiles delivered to their chosen address. Auto-shipping companies take everything seriously, including looking at the fastest date for your car to be shipped.

These car shipping companies work to meet the needs of their customers and try to exceed their expectations at that. That’s why if deliveries take time, it only means that it’s the most realistic method of bringing your car safely to your doorstep.

Distance is the Only Thing to Consider

When it comes to shipping cars, clients think that distance is the only basis of the auto shipping price. This isn’t true. Because there are a lot of factors that need to be considered when it comes to delivering an automobile across the country.

You have to think about the kind of vehicle you have, the schedule of delivery and pick up, how the weather will be, what the season is during that time, and other economic factors involved. Apart from the distance, these are what ultimately decides the shipping rates.

Auto Shipping Companies Offer Inaccurate Car Shipping Quotes

Some people think that the moment they ask for a quote from a car shipping company and they receive a higher price than expected, they think they’re being ripped off. This is highly unlikely because you’re dealing with professionals who have been in the shipping industry for a long time now, depending on the company you choose.

These business owners know what they’re dealing with and will provide you with an estimated quote, so they can deliver your automobiles from one point to another, all while ensuring your car is being safeguarded. 


Having misjudgments are normal, but should only be tolerated to an extent. The next time you’re thinking of having your vehicle shipped, do your research before getting in touch with an auto shipping company that only has your best intentions in mind. 

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