The United States of America is the third largest country in the world by surface area, meaning that going to another state could mean driving thousands of miles. Those moving are in for an even bigger challenge as they have to bring their belongings along for the ride. 

Not interested in a week of driving? We don’t blame you. Relocating is a pain in and of itself, and many people don’t want to drive their car for long distances by themselves. And let’s not even talk about moving multiple vehicles!

Despite the challenges that come with driving your car across multiple states on your own, many people choose to do so because of preconceived notions about car shipping companies. They believe driving on their own will be cheaper, safer, and easier than dealing with the burdens of a company. However, many of these ideas couldn’t be more wrong.

Today, USA’s best car shipping company has written you a short guide on busting myths about car delivery services that you may be buying into. Here’s the truth about car shipping in the USA:

Transporting Cars Yourself Is Cheaper Than Shipping Them With A Company

While this can be true if you only have one car and your destination isn’t more than a couple of hundred miles, a shipping company can often save you money. Even if you do manage to save a few hundred bucks, the stress you are putting on yourself and your car by traveling far distances can tire you out and add mileage to the vehicle. 

When driving long distances and at speed, this can be fatal if any accidents occur because of fatigue while driving, and added mileage to your car further depreciates it. Additionally, you’ll be spending on gasoline, lodging, extra food and drink, and other items along the long journey. 

If you are hauling more than one car, this is even more of a reason to consider the services of a car shipping company. Moving multiple vehicles can be tiring and incur even more costs. When you break down the time, energy, and resources you save by choosing a car shipping company, you’ll often find that they aren’t that expensive after all!

Preparing For Car Shipping Is Difficult

While many people believe that this process is difficult, this isn’t always so. In fact, preparation only takes about an hour or two. Most shipping companies will just give a short checklist that you can use to prepare, as well as some of their personal details needed for shipping. Some of the things the company may ask of you are:

  1. Remove all belongings inside the car, as well as the documents and driver’s licenses you may have left. Keep these with you.
  2. Remove parking passes and tags for tollways.
  3. Take photos of existing damages and scratches to be submitted. This will determine whether the damage was pre-existing once it was delivered to your home for the shipping company’s files. 
  4. Drain your gas tank to at least a quarter full to ensure safety.
  5. Fully charge the battery and inflate all tires.

Closely following the instructions of the shipping company will ensure the move goes smoothly and safely. 

Terminal-To-Terminal Shipping Costs Less Than Door-To-Door

The risks with having your car shipped to another terminal are more than they seem. Firstly, some terminals may have fees for storing your car temporarily, which will add additional costs to your shipping process. Additionally, these storage facilities are not exactly known to be the safest for your car, as they may be damaged or stolen if not looked after properly. 

Even in the case that the former costs less than the latter upfront, the fact that your car is better treated and will reach the destination safely is worth a little extra bit of extra money. 


There are many myths about car shipping services, but these seem to be the most popular ones. While upfront costs may seem a bit rough, the peace of mind you get and the energy saved with moving is worth the cost. Safety should always be your number one concern, and long drives are known to be risky especially when trying to rush to your new home. Take the easy route and have your car delivered by the USA’s best car shipping company.

JP Auto Transport is the premium car shipping company in the USA. Whether you need to ship your vehicles out of state for relocation, moving across the country, going away for college, or if you’ve bought a new car online, JP Auto Transport can help you. Contact us to know more about how we can make your move easier!