Moving to a new home is both exciting and tedious. There are many items to sort out, and you will have to list everything you want to bring to the new house, which includes personal items, furniture, appliances, decoration, and larger items such as gardening equipment and even your car. The question now is, how do you bring your car to your new residence?

For short distance transfers, driving your car to your new home is the most practical option.  However, there will be some circumstances where driving your car is not a good choice, such as long trips and tight movement schedules. For these situations, you have three primary options:

  1. Sell your car and buy another one near your new home
  2. Put the vehicle in storage
  3. Have your car shipped to your new home.

If you are struggling to decide between the three but are considering the third option, here are three steps to help you decide if it is your best bet during relocation: 

1. Consider your budget

This is probably the first factor to be considered in almost any major decision. Selling your car before moving out does provide you with a temporary budget boost, but you have to remember that you will be buying a new one once you’ve arrived at your new place. 

On the other hand, when you decide to have your car shipped, you will only have to pay for the vehicle shipping costs. Shipping your car is almost always cheaper than buying a new one from a dealership. If you are striving to keep your costs down and your car is still in good condition, having your vehicle shipped is the smarter and more cost-effective option. 

2. Read about pickup and delivery policies

Shipping and logistics companies have different policies for shipping automobiles. Some will pick up the car from your property, while others will require you to bring it to a designated drop-off point. 

There are also differences in how the shipping company handles your car, and you will have to be present at both ends to accomplish proper documentation for the shipping of your car. Always consult with the representative of your prospective shipping company to determine if the moving plans work at your convenience. 

3. Check your schedule

Another factor that influences your decision is your schedule and your needs. For example, if you know you will need a car urgently after arriving at your new place, it may be better to sell off your old car and buy a new one. 

However, if you do not have any urgent appointments or commitments, and you will be staying at home most of the time, you can proceed with having your auto transported to your new place instead. That said, remember that the shipping company may meet unforeseen delays beyond their control when shipping your car, meaning that you should consider looking for short-term car rental options. 


Moving across states is a significant and exciting move for you and your family, but the preparations may be exhausting and stressful. As you are packing your possessions, and are ready to go, follow the steps listed above to help you decide whether transporting your auto is the best move for you. 

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