Car transport from one state to another can be costly, and although you think driving your car yourself is the more cost-effective solution, that’s not always the case. Having to drive your vehicle often involves incurring additional costs such as fuel, lodging, meals, and of course, the stress of having to drive for hours on end. Let’s not forget that having to transport more than one car can be a massive headache!

After computing the expenses altogether, you will find that driving your car to another state can often cost you more than having your car shipped by an auto transport company. If budget is your main concern, we have five realistic tips that could save you on cost. Keep reading to find out more!

Tip 1: Wait for the Off-Peak Period

If you’re not in a big hurry, this tip will serve you well. Peak seasons often mean most vehicle delivery services are fully booked. Even if you find a service that can take your car, you may face higher rates. If you live near the coast, it may be best to avoid shipping your car during the summer or from May to September, since this is the busiest time for auto transport companies to perform coast-to-coast services. Fall and spring seasons can be hectic as well because some people from the cold northern states spend a few months of the year in the warmer southern states, trying to avoid wintertime. 

While finding the perfect time is crucial to saving up on cost, you need to remember that you also have to book your shipping in advance. If you put it off for too long, you’ll struggle to find a car service available to serve you. You might have to resort to an urgent car shipping service, which will be even more expensive!  

Tip 2: Choose the Terminal-To-Terminal Transport

Did you know that home delivery is much more expensive than terminal-to-terminal transport? Sure, you’re paying for the convenience, but if you’re on a budget, the latter option will do you better. Terminal-to-terminal transport means that you need to pick up your car from the specified terminal, and you’ll find most car terminals in a convenient location in your area. Consider looking up the nearest one to your home and assess whether the additional fee for home delivery is worth it. 

Also, you should understand that this option has its risks. Failing to pick up your car on the day it will be delivered will incur an additional storage fee. Not all terminals have in-house guards, making your vehicle vulnerable to possible theft. You also need to sign a Bill of Landing on the day your car is delivered, but the good thing is you can ask someone else to represent and sign it for you if you would not make it.

If dealing with any of the mentioned situations isn’t a big deal for you, then the terminal-to-terminal transport option could be more cost-effective.

Tip 3: Opt for Open Carriers

Open carrier car transport refers to shipping your vehicle through an open trailer. That means your car could be exposed to other travel elements, such as rain, sun, snow, hail, dust, insects, and birds. However, this option is the most affordable car transport option that is also faster to schedule. It would cost you almost half the price of the regular closed carrier option. 

When it comes to your vehicle’s security, you have nothing to worry about. Auto transport companies ensure they employ well-trained truckers who can deliver cars to another destination safe and scratch-free. All vehicles are neatly strapped and packed in each carrier, so there’s no problem when they are in transit. If you’re on a tight budget and your car is not a luxury vehicle, consider open carriers.

Tip #4: Ship Many Cars at Once           

If you have several cars to transport, consider shipping them in one go instead of choosing separate dates and shipping companies. Some companies will offer a discount if you request to send at least three of your cars to a specific destination. This will make picking your cars up more convenient as well as they’ll be delivered to the same terminal. 

Tip #5: Canvas the Best Shipping Cost

Car shipping companies don’t always have the same rates. Have at least three options and compare their prices by visiting their website or asking for a quotation. Of course, higher fees do not necessarily mean better service. Always look at the reviews and customer feedback to gauge whether it is a company you can trust. 


Owning a vehicle comes with its share of costs, so it is understandable why you worry about having your car shipped to another destination. If you want a quality transport within your budget, do your research well and follow our five tips in this article.

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