For most Americans, the idea of shipping one’s car across state lines is something that comes about far more often than most people expect. 

From college students needing to ship their cars to and from campus to enthusiasts looking to move their latest project to the garage, the situations that call for shipping a vehicle is far more than you might imagine. In the case of people moving across the country or to another state, the need to have a car shipped from point A to B will become even more prevalent because driving the distance may not be ideal. 

A difficulty you’ll encounter

If you’ve been planning to make a move to another part of the country, chase after the car of your dreams, or avoid the possibility of breaking down on the road, then you may have made plans to file out shipping papers. 

Before you think about moving a car, it’s best to slow down as you go through the process first because there’s one difficulty you’re bound to face: the headache of handling the DMV’s additional requirements. Shipping a car from one state to another isn’t as straightforward as you might expect because the Department of Motor Vehicles has a set of standards in place concerning such a task. 

Gone are the days where you could put a car in a crate, pay the fee, and send it on its way before heading over to the destination. Now, shipping such an item comes with lots of paperwork. From insurance requirements and motor vehicle inspections to other complex requirements, the list of compliances that must be made is why people dread shipping. 

How you can ease up the experience that you’ll have with the DMV

Thankfully, handling the list of ever-growing demands that the Department of Motor Vehicles has is a relatively straightforward process if you come prepared. To ensure that you won’t run your patience dry on avoidable delays and mistakes, here are two ways you can minimize the headache you’ll experience: 

Tip #1: Visit the DMV website to generate a custom moving checklist

To make the lives of those shipping vehicles much smoother, the DMV has taken it upon itself to ease up the process by offering a tool that you can use to figure out what you need. 

By inputting the ZIP code you’re moving from, the code of the location you’re moving to, and the date of your move, the department’s tool will generate a list of tasks that you’ll need to fulfill before shipping. On top of the requirement checklist generation, the tool will also provide you with links to the forms of specific requirements so that you won’t get overwhelmed with finding the particular sheets! 

Tip #2: Ask your shipping service provider to help out

When it comes to determining how you can make your shipping experience much easier, it pays to ask your chosen shipping service provider if they can guide you.

Seeing that the average service provider is well-acquainted with every state’s requirements in further detail, they might also know the ins-and-outs of the DMV’s requirements well enough to help you out. For example, giving JP Auto Transport a call and consulting with our in-house transportation professionals will help nudge you in the right direction to have a smoother shipping experience!


When it comes to shipping a car across state lines, it’s best to understand that you’ll need to be prepared when it comes to handling your DMV-related requirements because of how complicated things can get. By following the two tips mentioned above as you go through the shipping preparation process’s nuances, you can have a much smoother experience in no time! 

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