Shipping a car overseas can be intimidating, but it’s a necessary step for many due to multiple reasons. You may be on your way to the biggest move of your life, or maybe you prefer to drive your own wheels when going on an international getaway in lieu of a rental. 

Either way, there’s plenty of challenges to consider on the road, and knowing what mistakes to avoid for first-timers can make all the difference in running into costly complications. With that in mind, the list below explores some of the usual hiccups you’ll come across when transporting your vehicle.

Mistake #1: Choosing A Car Delivery Company Based On The Price

It’s easy to think that all the most crucial factors to consider when choosing vehicle transportation services are its price list, but while it’s an important part of the equation, there’s more to look into than meets the eye. 

Seeing as the company will handle your car shipment, it’s no surprise that you need to evaluate what goes behind their final quote. It may reveal added services that spike up the costs but save you from future trouble, such as the feature to deliver your car at a specific date and place. 

Mistake #2: Leave Important Items In Your Car 

It’s tempting to leave some luggage inside your car if you don’t want to carry around extra baggage on your flight, but keep in mind that your vehicle’s weight largely impacts the costing too. 

Leaving items will only bump up the price at the best scenario, while essential belongings can get lost or stolen along the way since your vehicle will undergo inspections at multiple stops. Not to mention, the insurance company will only cover for damages on your car, but typically ignores the items left in its interior.

Mistake #3: Failing To Research The Right Car Transport Services 

People often book the first auto transport company they find on Google but taking the time to do some research cannot be understated. Remember that you are leaving a valuable asset to their hands, so it helps to check if they offer insurance and other helpful additions to their services. 

Verifying the reliability of their customer service is just as important, especially when it comes to contacting them for updates regarding your delivery. Check if they have a valid license and insurance record by taking the extra mile and reaching out to the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) if you want to guarantee your car’s security.

The Bottom Line: Steering Clear Of Common Vehicle Shipping Mistakes

Choosing top auto transport companies can be tricky, especially if there’s plenty of shipping services available online. Here at JP Auto Transport, our dedicated car shipping agents can offer efficient and safe delivery of your vehicle so you can have some peace of mind while you’re on the go. 

Whether it’s traveling through air or sea,  we’re the best car shipping company in California that can get the job done as smoothly and securely possible as we offer GPS tracking so you can receive daily updates on your vehicle’s whereabouts. Give us a call and your car will be in the right care!