When the idea of shipping a car comes to mind, many Americans tend to think that the difficulty lies in various parts of the process, such as choosing a service provider or ensuring safety.

The thought of compiling the necessary documents or making sure everything meets the standards is understandably complicated for anyone unfamiliar with the process. Although there are various parts of the shipping process that are very detailed, there’s another surprising aspect that you might be struggling with: Choosing a date to ship out your vehicle. 

The challenge of picking the perfect shipping date

Whether you’re trying to send your vehicle across the country for a big move or passing it through a few states back to your garage, choosing a date to ship your car is more challenging than you may expect. This is because finding the right time is an endeavor that entails exercising care because of the different ways it can affect your experience. If you fail to choose the right date, you may risk losing your vehicle to a capsizing boat, damaging it because of turbulent weather, or paying more than you need to on seasonal charges. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle when choosing the right time to ship your vehicle because we will share three practical tips that can ease up the whole experience: 

Tip #1: Consider the average length covered per trip day

If you’re expecting to receive your vehicle by a specific time, then it’s ideal that you work your way backward by figuring out how many days it will take to reach the destination.

For example, with JP Auto Transport, a day of shipping will cover about 500 miles, yet there are certain factors and occasional obstructions that may lower this number eventually. If you find yourself expecting to receive your car, then you’ll need to calculate the distance from the pickup point to your chosen drop-off, divide it by 500, and select a date depending on the answer!

Tip #2: Choose with a support system in mind

Many first-time shippers generally fail to understand that auto shipping dates are determined by the support system of a shipping job, meaning that the date is entirely up to them.

When in doubt, you may want to confer with your support system over what time is most optimal because they will help you find the right date for your needs. Conversely, this same system also acts as your backup at your destination, so you won’t need to worry about any unwanted delays or inconvenience because they’ll iron them out for you! 

Tip #3: Check the weather forecasts when shopping for dates

For any shipper who wants to ensure that their car arrives safe and sound from point A to point B, it pays to know how the weather’s like on potential shipping dates. Before you select a particular time to haul your ride in and have it brought over by an expert service provider—such as JP Auto Transport—check how the weather situation is like for the trip’s duration!


Picking out the right date to send your vehicle over for car shipping is understandably a complicated effort for anyone who wants to ensure a safe and convenient experience. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, however, the experience of picking out the right time to work with doesn’t need to be a complicated effort as long as you consider the necessary details!

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