Although staying in one place is often ideal, the time inevitably comes when you need to move from one state to another. The chances are that you’ll have a new apartment to live in or need to relocate to a new office site.

When it comes to this, you’ll first consider transferring your items and belongings from one location to another. However, what about your car? When it comes to transporting your vehicle, you might think of driving it yourself or having it transported. If you choose the latter, you have the option to choose between an open carrier and enclosed carrier transportation.

The question is: when should you opt for an enclosed trailer for shipping your car? In this article, we will share four practical reasons to do so:

1. If you’ll transport expensive vehicle

Here’s a rule of thumb: if your car is worth more than $60,000, opt for enclosed shipping! For one, you don’t want to get it damaged during the transport. If you happen to opt for an open option, the chances are that the vehicle gets hit by falling debris, thrown stones, or even hails. Two, the least you will want to happen is for it to be carjacked along the way. While it rarely occurs, you may not know who’s going to be interested in your expensive possession. If you can afford to invest in such a costly vehicle, then it’s best to invest in expensive shipping for its protection as well.

2. If you’ll transport a classic car

Similar to the previous point, consider having enclosed shipping for your vintage car. You are well-aware of its value and how much you’ve invested in it. For this reason, you don’t want to compromise its safety and protection along the way. Choosing an enclosed trailer keeps it away from road debris and inclement weather conditions. Ultimately, you will want to protect and preserve its value at all costs so that it arrives at its destination as expected!

3. If there are extreme weather conditions

There are certain times of the year when the weather isn’t favorable. If you need to move your car during a rainy season or even winter, you must resort to enclosed shipping. You don’t want your valuable possession to get impacted by strong winds, heavy rainfall, hails, snow, and other weather threats. By choosing a closed trailer, you’ll protect your much-beloved car until it reaches its destination safely!

4. It there are other outdoor threats

Apart from the weather, keep in mind that other outdoor threats can also impact your vehicle. The chances are that your car gets exposed to bird droppings, falling branches, debris, and even road collisions. As mentioned above, your prized possession can also be carjacked, particularly if it looks conspicuous in an open trailer. By selecting enclosed shipping, you’ll ensure that it’s protected and safe during transit.


At this point, you know that an enclosed carrier shipping ensures that your vehicle is housed in a covered trailer. As discussed above, you should opt for this if you’ll transport an expensive vehicle, you have a classic car, there’s a weather menace, and there are other outdoor threats. Its potential benefit is that it will protect your vehicle from outdoor elements, allowing you to rest assured knowing that it reaches its destination in top shape and working condition!

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