There is nothing more inconvenient than driving your vehicle, and it suddenly stops running in the middle of the road. If you cannot determine the issue, you’ll eventually have to contact a tow truck to take it off the road and have it repaired.

However, what if you’ve got a non-running vehicle that needs to be transported to another location? Of course, you won’t be able to drive it to your place of destination, which is why the most viable solution is to hire the best car shipping company to do the job for you.

In this article, we’ll share with you what a non-running vehicle is and how a vehicle shipping company can transport it on your behalf.

What a non-running vehicle is

A non-running vehicle is essentially a vehicle that doesn’t run at all. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s broken or damaged and can no longer be used for driving. It mostly refers to a vehicle that doesn’t start or won’t move using its own power. This means that non-running vehicles are those that cannot: 

  • Start: Your vehicle won’t just start and run at all due to some issues.
  • Steer: You are unable to steer your vehicle due to control problems.
  • Brake: The brakes of your vehicle are damaged or don’t work at all.
  • Roll: Your vehicle cannot roll due to tire problems or having no tires at all.

How a vehicle shipping company transports a non-running vehicle

When you need to transport a non-running vehicle, your best course of action will be to hire a vehicle shipping company. It’s good that the auto transportation industry is experienced in loading, shipping, and unloading various types of vehicles, whether or not the vehicle is running. All you have to do is contact a service provider, make the necessary arrangements, and they’ll transport your non-running vehicle to your agreed location.

However, keep in mind that the method used to load and unload the vehicle varies from one type of running issue to another. Take note of the following details:

  • Non-starting vehicle: If your car simply cannot start, your shipping company will use a winch—an equipment piece that’s hooked to a car and drags it to the carrier. After that, the provider will transport it to your agreed destination.
  • Non-rolling vehicle: If your car doesn’t roll at all, your shipping company will lift it using a forklift and put it in the carrier. This service type is specifically meant for vehicles that are locked or are without tires.
  • Non-steering vehicle: If you cannot steer your car, your shipping company won’t be able to control and direct it properly into the carrier. For this reason, it’s recommended that you get your car in a steering shape and condition before having it transported to avoid any hassle along the way.
  • A vehicle with no brake: If your car doesn’t have brakes, it cannot be stopped, which can be very risky. Because of this, you need to have the brakes installed or fixed first before you decide to have your vehicle shipped.


At this point, you now know what a non-running vehicle is and how you can transport it to an agreed location. To that end, be sure to consider its four types as outlined above before you decide to hire a vehicle shipping company for its transport. Ultimately, it’s best to hire a highly reliable shipping company to ensure it will be transported as efficiently and safely as possible until it arrives at your doorstep!

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