Are you planning to ship your car to Los Angeles, California? If so, know that it is one of the most popular places to ship a vehicle to. There are many reasons behind this, but the most common one is that you need a car to get around LA. Unlike in New York, LA does not have an elaborate public transportation system. What it does have is a stunning freeway that allows people to transport their vehicles easily.

Is this your first time shipping your vehicle to California? If so, then you may be looking around for shipping companies to work with. If you are struggling to figure out which one is the right car shipper to work with, here are some factors to consider:

1. They have experience shipping to California

There are many companies to pick from out there. However, it pays to know which ones specialize in shipping cars to California. This is because California has a uniquely stunning landscape and one that is generally dominated by mountains. For that reason, working with a company that knows its way around the mountains is vital to ensure your vehicle arrives safe and sound in your desired location.

2. They offer door-to-door services

Another factor to consider is the service they provide. More specifically, you should look at whether or not they offer door-to-door service. This is because a door-to-door service is arguably the most convenient form of vehicle transportation. It will not involve sending your vehicle to a port or terminal, and you will not have to go to a different location to pick it up. That means the service is incredibly convenient and saves you plenty of time and energy. 

3. They cover your vehicle with full insurance

Accidents can happen, and even the most professional shipping companies can make mistakes. As such, professionals know that insurance is essential to keep their clients’ and their own finances safe. As for you, pay attention to whether a service provider offers full insurance coverage. Also, pay attention to the amount that they cover. 

4. They allow for vehicle tracking

Are you the type that always checks the tracking feature offered by logistic services to see where your package is? If so, then make sure that the company you work with offers this service as well. In many cases, professional companies will offer this feature, and you can receive these updates in various ways. For instance, you may receive updates through your email or even check your car shipment status on their website. Such a feature can be very helpful, as it will help you understand how long you may need to wait until you finally get your car.


In your excitement, you may be tempted to simply pick any car transportation company to send your car to and from California. However, you must take the time to go through the available options. This is to ensure you work with professional service providers that can ship your car safely and securely without any hassles. That said, enjoy your trip and all the best with your vehicle!

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