Regardless if you’re moving out of state, buying a car across the country, or embarking on that long road trip, you’re bound to need a car shipping company’s services sooner or later. 

While the idea of enlisting such a service can seem rather uncommon at first, transporting a vehicle with the help of a shipping company has remained a desirable solution for years. Compared to laborious experiences of manually driving a vehicle over hundreds to thousands of miles (and the dangers they involve), shipping is a foolproof idea because of the convenience it offers. 

Today, vehicle shipping companies—such as JP Auto Transport—are now far more capable of conveniently handling customer needs with top-quality services. If you want to bring your car or receive another one from somewhere that’s far from home, this development is valuable because of the opportunities that it affords! 

Thinking of shipping your car safely? Here’s a checklist for a safer and easier experience

After doing the necessary research and mapping out your plans, it’s time to finally ship your car safely to the new location. Yet, before you let your beloved ride sail aboard a transport ship, here are a few elements that you’ll need to consider first:

[  ] Research for the right service provider to work with

While acknowledging the idea of shipping a car instead of driving it for a long distance is easy, actually finding the right service provider to suit your needs is a different story. 

Considering that the bulk of your experience will heavily depend on the shipper, it’s safe to say that it pays to choose a specialist that guarantees a smooth experience. However, with dozens to hundreds of options available all over the country, it can be quite challenging to sift through all the available service providers, which is why you should look at these three key factors:

  • Price
  • Quality (with positive and reliable reviews and testimonials)
  • Scope of services

Once you look into the three key factors mentioned above, you’ll arm yourself with the necessary guidelines that will help you determine which shipping company will yield an easy-breezy experience.

Are you still looking for a shipping company that suits your preferences in all the three categories mentioned above? We may be the perfect fit you need!

[  ] Take care of the specifics

After choosing a shipper to work with, the second half of the shipping process (before the actual shipping) will entail handling two specific details: Getting the right insurance coverage and reading your contract.

Before you let a shipper do what you asked them to do, you’ll need to first read your contract thoroughly and understand every detail (fine print included) before signing. Thankfully, many contracts are outlined with most, if not all, of the details so that you have a well-rounded understanding of what will happen and what will be done in emergency situations.

After the contract signing, a trustworthy shipper will ask you to handle some more specifics in the form of choosing insurance coverages with policies that will affirm you. Seeing that accidents can happen at any time, it helps to have a reputable shipping company provide you with a copy of the different insurance policies that you can pay for, so research and ask before you pick!


Choosing to ship your car through a reputable shipper will always be a smart idea to capitalize on because of all the benefits that come into play. Yet, it isn’t as simple as jumping in with your eyes closed. With the help of this checklist, you can come prepared and smoothly and safely ship your beloved vehicle to your new location!

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