Sometimes, specific opportunities whisk you away from home and make you relocate to a brand new place. Other times, you’ve found the perfect occasion to relax at your vacation home. Whatever it is, these instances mean you’ll be staying elsewhere permanently or for an extended period, which means you’ll need someone to transport your vehicle for you.

Since these scenarios are widespread, the car shipping industry has grown to be a large business, estimated to be around $12 billion every year. With so many providers to choose from, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one to make sure they transport your car safely to your destination. 

Here are four tips to help you do just that:

Be Wary of Instant Booking

Reputable car delivery companies have an organized system that informs them of where their trucks are. If you get in touch with one and they promise that they have a truck in your area, you may want to look elsewhere. Without booking an order, auto brokers cannot determine whether they have a vehicle in your vicinity. If you hear such promises, remember that they’re just telling you what you want to hear so they can get your business.

Don’t Pay a Deposit Fee Until They Confirm a Carrier

Some companies are just after your money, and their intentions are often made very clear when they ask for a deposit before they even assign a carrier, even if they promise that one is on the way. If you’re dealing with an auto broker, do not pay a broker fee, admin fee, or a deposit until they have given you the driver’s name and phone number. If they claim to have gotten one for you, be sure to ask for the driver’s details. If they can’t, cancel your order right away.

Watch Out for Missing Fees in the Quote

Once you receive a quote, make sure to account for all the fees, including the price you negotiated to ship your car. Keep your eyes peeled for any broker’s quotes that they may have buried in their terms and conditions, which can lead to a higher bill than you initially expected. If they don’t accurately break down all the fees, you can end up paying hundreds of dollars more. Read the fine print and make sure to confirm it with the company.

Know the Difference Between Auto Brokers and Transport Companies

The car shipping industry comprises two leading players: auto transport brokers and transport carriers. If you’re hoping to have your car safely delivered to you, you’ll need to know the difference between the two. Auto brokers charge fees to find the right carrier to ship your vehicle and negotiate rates. Meanwhile, transport carriers or car delivery companies do the legwork of picking up your vehicle and transporting it to your intended destination. Sometimes, brokers can be both, although many of them broker your vehicle to a different carrier. Be sure to conduct thorough research to find the best car shipping company that ticks all your boxes, as finding a reputable carrier is crucial to your vehicle’s safety.  


Whether you’ve bought a new car from another state or you’ve relocated to take advantage of a unique work opportunity, you’ll want to make sure it arrives safe and sound. By keeping these four tips in mind, you’ll find a reliable auto transport carrier that can ship your vehicle straight to you!

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