Auto Transportation During the Winter

4 Tips to Maximize Auto Transportation During the Winter

Everyone gets affected by the winter season one way or the other, whether that be motorcyclists or truck drivers. The same can also be said about auto transport companies, but not particularly in a bad way.

In fact, if you were planning to ship out your car with the help of an auto transport company, winter is one of the best times to do it. This is because they generally offer promotions and discounts that will help you save quite a bit of money.

This is usually the case because business slows down during winter. Not many people need to have their vehicles shipped around that time, so auto transport companies offer promotions to continue attracting clients and customers.

That said, if you are planning to take advantage of these promotions, here are some tips to make the most out of auto transport services during the winter.

1. Look for a reliable company

You must take the time to research the auto transport companies that you have access to. Remember, price is only one part of the equation, and you may not know why an offer might be too good to be true. Because of this, you should always run background checks, look at reviews, and ask around if you have any suspicions about an auto transport firm. That way, you can be sure you will not be lured in by “amazing” prices that “magically” shoot up later.

2. Take out your personal belongings

Before the auto transport company drops by to pick up your vehicle, remember to remove all your belongings from the car. You would not want to have anything stolen while the vehicle is being transported. More often than not, these auto transport companies will not be held responsible for any loss. If there are some things you need to leave there, such as a baby safety seat, then make arrangements with the company.

3. Ask the company for any specifics

Some companies will be a little pickier with how they receive your vehicle. For instance, some may want you to leave your vehicle’s fuel tank at less than half. Knowing these details is important, as they will help you avoid any unnecessary costs. It will also minimize any wasted time and hassle when handing your car over to the company.

4. Jot down any existing damages on your vehicle

Whether your car is in perfect condition or has seen better days, jot down all the damages that your vehicle has. Take pictures of them for a clearer picture. This is important because accidents can happen, and your car is at risk of getting damaged during transportation. With the evidence already collected beforehand, you can raise any mishaps to the auto transportation company and be compensated fairly. 


By thoroughly preparing yourself and your vehicle before transportation, you can enjoy smooth and headache-free services from any auto transport company of your choice. That said, if you still cannot decide which auto transport company you should work with, head on to the internet. Check out reviews and their websites for all the information you need. You can even ask friends and families for recommendations. In doing so, you can select the perfect auto transport company that can transport your vehicle safely and affordably.

JP Auto Transport is an auto transport company that serves residential customers to ensure their vehicles are transported quickly and safely. If you are looking for the best car shipping company in California, get a quote from us today!

Ship Your Car

How to Ship Your Car in the Midst of the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us all once again. In order to spend quality time with their families, understandably, some car shipping companies are on a break. However, that does not apply to all; many of them are working diligently in order to be ready to handle a burst of demanding customer expectations and a high volume of vehicle shipping.

If you’re wondering how to ship a car amidst the holiday rush, it is definitely possible. The availability of holiday vehicle shipping can make it seem otherwise, but the key is flexibility. No need to lose your holiday cheer over trying to get your car to you! Keep in mind that while some drivers rush to unload their cargo and take a holiday break, the ones who remain working and stay on the road have trucks that fill quickly. 

Heavy traffic brought by the holidays is also another thing to consider, alongside the weather depending on your car’s final destination.

Avoid Scheduling Shipment Between Christmas and New Year

The most challenging time you could possibly schedule a vehicle shipment is between Christmas and New Year. If, for whatever reason, you ended up waiting until the last minute, there’s a huge chance you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. A last-minute opening would pretty much be a miracle at that point. Your best bet is to schedule the shipment either before Christmas or just defer it until the first week or so of the New Year. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you really must have your car shipped during the holidays, be flexible. Moreover, ensure that you are fully informed about every single aspect of the situation. Before you actually sign with a specific car shipper, confirm whether or not they have a specific policy about transporting automobiles around major holidays like Christmas, Hanukkah, and the like. Take particular note of any possible delays that may occur, and see if that is feasible for your needs. Go into the breakdown of how they calculate their prices.

Make Sure Your Budget Can Handle It

As with most other businesses, holidays drive costs up higher. Auto transport is not much different. Hotel bookings, plane tickets, and even last-minute shopping for holiday presents—all of those cost more during this time of the year. The interplay of supply and demand will be the deciding factor on the final price of shipping a car, which is fair enough. The drivers who chose to stay on the road and continue being carriers are usually overloaded and even develop a backlog of cargo to haul. Given the tight schedules, a lot of them are also working overtime. 


It is unfortunately quite easy to get overwhelmed by the holiday rush. So, going with the first deal you can get your hands on, especially if you really need your car, is likely. Flexibility and patience are key, alongside finding a company that can assist you through every step of the way so that your holiday cheer is not suddenly overridden by stress.

In need of the best car shipping company? JP Auto Transport is here for you! Reach out to us today for a quote!

transport truck to california

2 Reasons to Ship Your Car on an Extended Stay in California

After lots of planning, saving, arguing, daydreaming, and excitement, it seems like your plans of going on a cross-country trip to the sunny land of California are well underway. 

With dreams of afternoons on Venice Beach or mornings spent having breakfast at Tiffany’s, it’s no secret that an extended vacation to this state is nothing short of exciting. Compared to the boring, repetitive, and draining life you had back at home, a little while spent somewhere far away is something that you absolutely deserve!

As you continue to pack your bags, make adjustments, and prepare to store your work phone away for a few weeks, it becomes clear that the preparations for booking a trip to California are aplenty. While you’ve taken care of different items in your checklist, there’s one more aspect you’ll need to take care of: Your car.

Where you might currently be in terms of your car-related matters

Generally, people who make a state-to-state trip to California have been known to use their own cars for more “special experiences,” and you might be set on doing the same thing. However, the reality of traveling cross-country by car isn’t as dreamy as it may seem. 

You see, the reality of lengthy road trips is that they tend to be more troublesome because they’re filled with unexpected road bumps, dangers, and real-life horrors. Whether you’re looking to do it by yourself or embarking on a road trip with family and friends, you’ll realize that taking the independent route isn’t the best idea.

Thankfully, it’s in times like these where one solution can spring into action and save the day: Shipping services that bring your car from one state to another. 

How taking the shipping route can help you out

Admittedly, bringing your car out and shipping it from your home state all the way to California can seem like an exorbitant one that’s an unnecessary cost. However, when you look into the details, you’ll quickly realize that opting to go for a shipping approach can lead to lots more benefits than you’d expect. 

Let’s look at some of the main benefits that come with opting to have your car shipped instead of setting yourself up for a hellish road trip:

1. You’ll never have to worry about getting lost or paying fines

One of the most common problems of people who choose to drive to California is that they end up delaying their plans after getting lost and having run-ins with the law. When you choose to let a trustworthy shipper—such as JP Auto Transport—take care of moving your car on your behalf, you won’t need to worry about both problems because you won’t even be in the car! 

2. You’ll essentially avoid any accidents

When you embark on a cross-country road trip with a deadline to meet and an itinerary to follow, you inadvertently set yourself up for many risks that come from delays and rushing, which can result in accidents. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about not having a place to sleep, hitting the road with barely a wink of shut-eye, and a trip to the hospital and repair bills when you opt to ship your car instead! 


Having the time and opportunity to go on an extended vacation in the Golden State is undoubtedly an experience that’s worth considering. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s worth taking a cross-country trip while you’re at it. If you want to explore the beautiful state of California with your ever-reliable car, then make no mistake and let a shipper bring your car back and forth for you! 

We’re one of the most trusted vehicle transport services in all of America, specializing in car shipping above all else. If you’re looking for a reputable vehicle delivery services company in California that offers a safe, quick, convenient, and reliable way to transport your car, give us a call today to get a quote!

Safe Vehicle Transport

3 Tips for a Smart and Safe Vehicle Transport – What to Know

Whether it’s for education, work, or a new chapter in your life, relocating to another state may seem like an overwhelming move. This is especially true if you have acquired a lot of possessions over time. On top of that, things may seem more challenging if it’s a vehicle that you have to move. 

If you’ve never had your car transported before, the whole process can seem intimidating indeed. However, you should know that vehicle transport in the USA is not that complicated. In reality, those who have used car shipping services before enjoyed how convenient and hassle-free they are. 

We’re here to help you enjoy that same experience and have your valued auto moved without any problem. Check out these three tips for a truly smart and safe car transport:    

1. Compare Quotes Before Partnering With a Car Shipping Company 

First-timers often make the mistake of going for the lowest price right away. While this can seem practical at first, it helps to remember that you will get only the quality of service you’ve paid for. 

There are a lot of risks that come along with going with the cheapest transport company. If worse comes to worst, your car may arrive in a condition that will even require costly repairs!  

However, this does not mean that you must simply go with expensive shipping services instead. The smartest way around this is to shop around for quotes first before making any decision. Compare the costs against the services that transport companies offer and find the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

2. Know That Other Factors Impact Your Quote 

Distance is the main factor taken into account when computing your vehicle shipping quote—but it’s not the only one! 

Car transport companies also consider the size of your car, the pick-up and delivery times, and the season you want it moved. 

  • Car size – The company measures this component according to your car’s make and model. Generally, a compact car will merit a less expensive quote than a larger SUV because of the differences in size and weight. 
  • Pick-up and delivery options – You have the option on how you want your vehicle to be picked up and delivered. For example, if you want a guaranteed delivery date, you must expect your quote to be higher. 
  • Season – Vehicle transport rates fluctuate throughout the year; be sure to check with your chosen shipping company to determine the best time for your transport. 

3. Do Not Remove Your Tires and Doors 

Some believe that removing extra items such as spare tires and doors help them achieve a lower car shipping quote. This is not true! 

While your car’s weight is indeed taken into consideration when calculating your car transport rate, you should know that these items are already included in the quote. There’s no use in removing them—you’ll just be putting more work on your plate. 

What you can do, however, is to remove all personal belongings from your car before having them shipped. This does not significantly affect your shipping price but helps you avoid added fees and unwanted delays. 


Moving cross counties and having your vehicle shipped out of state do sound like an overwhelming activity. The good news is that as long as you prepare for this, you can make the move as stress-free as possible. On top of that, there are various car shipping companies you can tap to help you with this. Make sure to partner with established carriers for a truly pleasant experience!

If you’re searching for the best car transport companies in the USA, look no further than JP Auto Transport. Since 2001, we have been providing quick deliveries and exceptional services to our clients. Allow us to make your vehicle relocation as easy as possible—get in touch or request a free quote today!

Transport Your Car

Beyond Borders: 3 Reasons to Transport Your Car Across the United States

If an important duty calls and you need to pack up your life to move to a different state, then there’s no reason to leave behind life-long valuables like your car. Whether it’s to find a new forever home, seize career opportunities, or if you’re going for a month-long summer vacation, there are various reasons to transport your vehicle across borders. 

Buying a new vehicle is rarely an economical option, so if you need access to your car even overseas, it makes sense to hire a car transport service to take the wheel for you. Whether you’re relocating, going to college, and other reasons, the list below explains how letting a professional put the pedal to the metal of your vehicle is a more cost-effective choice. 

Benefit #1: Save on Unnecessarily Using the Extra Miles of Your Car

Vehicle owners know the value of maintaining a reasonable mileage when putting it up for sale. The higher the mileage, the better its resale value, which means that exhausting the car driving thousands of miles from one state to another can eat off a significant margin. 

Driving long, winding roads can put a toll on its mileage and wear down its engine, so save yourself from decreasing its value by letting a car transport company deliver your vehicle safely, efficiently, and on the dot.

Benefit #2: Save Time and Energy 

Driving for miles-on-end not only exhausts your precious mileage, but it’s a time-consuming and arduous process that can drain your energy. It’s a far cry from the usual road trip you have in mind, mainly since the journey can stretch for hours, days, or even weeks. 

If you don’t have any extra time to spare, shipping your car can shave off hundreds of hours, allowing you to reach your destination without feeling like you’re on a race to beat the clock. This gives you more time to focus on other things, such as renovating your new living space, getting to know the new city and more. 

Benefit #3: Guarantee Safety and Quality Delivery 

Taking matters into your own hands seems cost-effective, but it’s an expensive risk you’re taking when running the car for long distances. Expert transfer service companies can quickly secure your vehicle and ensure it arrives on your doorstep without a single scratch. Even when going out of the country, the car can come looking spick-and-span as you left it. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Benefits of Car Shipping When it’s Time to Make a Big Move 

Relocating is an exciting yet stressful venture, especially when it comes to moving your car from state to state. Planning for the budget, logistics, and other considerations to ensure a smooth-sailing travel experience can be risky, so why not save yourself the time, effort, and money by leaving your car’s transportation in the hands of expert shippers?

How Can We Help?

Whether it’s traveling through air or sea, we’re the best car shipping company in California that can get the job done as smoothly and securely as possible as we offer GPS tracking so you can receive daily updates on your vehicle’s whereabouts. Give us a call, and your car will be in the right care!

Car Shipping Service

3 Benefits of Trusting a Car Shipping Service – What to Know

There’s a reason why people continue to invest in cars—they’ve now become essential parts of life, as it empowers individuals to take control of their time. People with vehicles can drive to various locations, making it the most convenient mode of transportation all over the world. 

Unfortunately, the bulky item can be difficult to take with you during excursions, especially if you wish to move to another country. You’ll want to have your vehicle shipped alongside your select belongings, but the process can be more complicated. 

While the idea of driving your vehicle on your own is a good solution, this cannot be possible for overseas travel. Spending countless hours on the road can also be risky, as you expose yourself to unfamiliar surroundings. 

For these reasons, most people turn to car shipping companies. These companies offer you services that cater to your needs, ensuring that your car remains safe, sound, and in the care of professionals. 

The idea of handing your vehicle over to strangers can still raise some concerns, so allow us to dispel that hesitation. Without further ado, here are the benefits of trusting in car shipping services: 

Benefit #1: You reduce risks of damaging your vehicle

Seeing as your car will be handled by professionals, bear in mind that your car will arrive in pristine condition once it reaches its destination. You avoid circumstances of dents, scratches, and flat tires, all of which are common occurrences when driving in in unfamiliar places. With a professional car shipping service by your side, however, you not only get to sit back and relax, but your car will also be taken care of by high-quality equipment, all designed to keep your vehicle safe and sound. 

Benefit #2: You don’t have to sacrifice your time 

If you opt to drive your vehicle into faraway locations, understand that you will need to sacrifice a significant amount of time. This can be difficult for individuals that cannot afford to lose wages, especially since taking the time off work will be required. By enlisting the help of a car shipping company, however, there will be no need to take time off work. The professionals will transport your vehicle for you, all without any risks of damage.

Benefit #3: You’ll have access to good insurance coverage  

Your car will be in safe hands, especially since most insurance companies work hand-in-hand with car shipping companies. You can get coverage for your vehicle’s transportation, allowing you to gain peace of mind. People from the insurance company will inspect your car before shipping, ensuring that even the most minuscule of damage will be recognized and compensated for once it reaches the destination. Any damage that will be covered by the insurance plan, saving you from the burden of out-of-pocket expenses.

Enlist the Help of Top Car Shipping Companies

From all the benefits gathered, we can safely deduce that hiring a professional shipping company is always the best choice. Your vehicle’s protection will always be treated with the utmost care and attention, especially since specialists will be overseeing the entire process. You’ll also be saving time and money, as well as enjoy further protection by insurance plans. 

For the best car shipping services in San Diego, JP Auto Transport is the place to call. We’ll help you relocate out of the country in the best way possible, ensuring that your car arrives in your new home in tip-top shape. Request for a quote—call us today to learn more!


3 Tips For Choosing a Reliable Auto Transportation Company

There are many large investments you will probably make in your life, such as buying a home or starting a business. For many people, however, owning a car will be their first. Investing in a car with your hard-earned money means that you would likely do your best to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, not only to extend its life but also to maintain its value.

With that said, whenever you travel for a vacation or need your car to be professionally transported to another location, you would want to have it delivered in excellent condition. Here are three tips that will you ensure that:

1. Research the company thoroughly

The first thing you should do when deciding to transport your vehicle is to research the company you want to do the job for you. That is because you need to look for a reliable and trustworthy company to help move your expensive investment.

An excellent way to research a company is to visit its website, paying attention to the content and the user experience as a whole. If you find that it is well-made, the chances are that the business is a professional brand. Also, do not forget to look for reviews. See what other people have to say about the brand and decide whether or not it is as good (or bad) as it seems.

2. Look at the insurance

A reliable company will always have insurance coverage for your vehicle. They can cover anywhere between a few thousand dollars to even a million. That number can vary, but what is important is that the company offers such protection. With that in mind, do not forget to ask the company about insurance if you are interested in working with them.

Remember, even the best can make mistakes, and sometimes, accidents can cause damage to your vehicle. When you have insurance to protect you, you can rest well knowing that your car is covered even if it gets damaged.

3. Check the car’s condition

Before your car gets transported, remember to check its current condition. If you can, check it when the movers have arrived. That way, you can have an official form that outlines the condition of the car during pick up. This is vital so that when you get your car back, any damage can quickly be spotted and notified to the company.

During your inspection, be sure to check for any valuables in the car. Put them away, if possible, to ensure that nothing gets lost or stolen during transportation.


With these tips, you can pick the right company to work with to transport your vehicle safely and without any issues. Having said that, do not rush this process when selecting a vehicle transportation company. Otherwise, you increase the likelihood of you working with unreliable companies that want to take advantage of your money. Take the time to compare as many options as possible and do plenty of research to have a complete idea of just how good a company is and the service that they offer.

JP Auto Transport is an auto transport company in the US for customers looking to ship their vehicles for any purpose. If you are looking for the best car shipping company in California to transport your vehicle, get in touch with us today!

Cars being shipped on a truck

How Long It Takes to Ship a Car: 3 Factors to Consider

Moving places can be stressful, especially if you’re moving to another state. This is why people who are changing homes request movers and shipping services to help them with long-distance relocations. Although your furniture is safe with your removal company, you may need to double-check how you plan to transfer your car to your new abode.

Shipping your car across long distances

Shipping a car isn’t as common as hiring a moving company, since people generally want to drive to their new home. However, this isn’t a financially wise option, especially if you’re moving across distant state lines. You may be alarmed at how long it takes for you to receive your car after leaving it with a shipping service. You should know how long it takes to ship your vehicle if you’re planning to land at your new home to have everything in order when you get there.

If you’re relocating and planning to ship your car to a new home, here are three factors to consider

1. Distance and location

Distance and location are two of the most crucial factors when considering your shipment’s arrival, whether you’re sending a small parcel or your entire car. Keep in mind that the shipping company’s drivers need to observe speed limits and the USDOT’s Hours of Service Regulations. This means they’ll take occasional breaks on the road to ensure that they’re functioning in top condition. It’s a safety precaution to prevent overburdening drivers in transit for commercial and private shipping routes.

Generally, the transit time will range from 400 to 500 miles a day, depending on the driver’s route. Other variables, such as high-speed highways, crowded metropolitan areas, and rough roads, can extend and shorten your car’s delivery date.

2. Shipping vehicle types 

Shipping companies use different vehicles, depending on their customer’s needs. Larger vehicles, like trucks and cars, need larger trailers if they’re hauling heavier equipment. In short, this means that it’s easier and faster to transport a bike than it is with an SUV.

Some companies allow their customers to choose open-air haulers or enclosed haulers. Enclosed haulers are generally harder to schedule and take more time in transit. However, it’s your best option if you want to ensure your car’s protection. If you’re planning to save a few bucks, open-air haulers are easier to book.

3. Time of the year

Like shopping centers and holiday seasons, roads across the country have certain peak seasons. Anything from harsh weather conditions to traffic spikes can impact how long it takes for your car to reach its destination.

Shipping companies in late spring to early fall see higher transport requests in contrast to winter times, mainly since customers want to avoid the unexpected hassles of snowfall. There is much less activity on the road for shipping vehicles during winter, so it might take longer to find a truck or trailer willing to transport your car. Additionally, the preparations for different environmental conditions may force drivers to follow additional safety precautions. This eventually leads to a slower progression for a safer journey.


Besides the factors above, you should also consider Murphy’s Law. It states that things will go wrong in any situation if there’s a chance of it happening. Anything from road repairs to car collisions can impact your vehicle’s transit time. The best way to ease your anxiety about your car’s current condition is to look for a shipping company that provides GPS tracking services. This will help you know where your vehicle is at all times and know when you can estimate its arrival to your new home.

If you’re looking for the best auto transport company in California, then look no further. We make sure that our clients have dedicated agents and modern GPS vehicle tracking software to make moving across the country as simple as possible. Get a quote of your projected delivery route today!

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4 Practical Reasons to Opt for an Enclosed Car Transport

Although staying in one place is often ideal, the time inevitably comes when you need to move from one state to another. The chances are that you’ll have a new apartment to live in or need to relocate to a new office site.

When it comes to this, you’ll first consider transferring your items and belongings from one location to another. However, what about your car? When it comes to transporting your vehicle, you might think of driving it yourself or having it transported. If you choose the latter, you have the option to choose between an open carrier and enclosed carrier transportation.

The question is: when should you opt for an enclosed trailer for shipping your car? In this article, we will share four practical reasons to do so:

1. If you’ll transport expensive vehicle

Here’s a rule of thumb: if your car is worth more than $60,000, opt for enclosed shipping! For one, you don’t want to get it damaged during the transport. If you happen to opt for an open option, the chances are that the vehicle gets hit by falling debris, thrown stones, or even hails. Two, the least you will want to happen is for it to be carjacked along the way. While it rarely occurs, you may not know who’s going to be interested in your expensive possession. If you can afford to invest in such a costly vehicle, then it’s best to invest in expensive shipping for its protection as well.

2. If you’ll transport a classic car

Similar to the previous point, consider having enclosed shipping for your vintage car. You are well-aware of its value and how much you’ve invested in it. For this reason, you don’t want to compromise its safety and protection along the way. Choosing an enclosed trailer keeps it away from road debris and inclement weather conditions. Ultimately, you will want to protect and preserve its value at all costs so that it arrives at its destination as expected!

3. If there are extreme weather conditions

There are certain times of the year when the weather isn’t favorable. If you need to move your car during a rainy season or even winter, you must resort to enclosed shipping. You don’t want your valuable possession to get impacted by strong winds, heavy rainfall, hails, snow, and other weather threats. By choosing a closed trailer, you’ll protect your much-beloved car until it reaches its destination safely!

4. It there are other outdoor threats

Apart from the weather, keep in mind that other outdoor threats can also impact your vehicle. The chances are that your car gets exposed to bird droppings, falling branches, debris, and even road collisions. As mentioned above, your prized possession can also be carjacked, particularly if it looks conspicuous in an open trailer. By selecting enclosed shipping, you’ll ensure that it’s protected and safe during transit.


At this point, you know that an enclosed carrier shipping ensures that your vehicle is housed in a covered trailer. As discussed above, you should opt for this if you’ll transport an expensive vehicle, you have a classic car, there’s a weather menace, and there are other outdoor threats. Its potential benefit is that it will protect your vehicle from outdoor elements, allowing you to rest assured knowing that it reaches its destination in top shape and working condition!

Are you looking to ship your car? We’ve got you covered! As one of the top auto transport companies in California, we cater to residential clients needing to ship vehicles out of the state. Get in touch with us today for a quote or to learn more about our services!

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3 Tips to Consider When Picking the Right Auto Shipping Date

When the idea of shipping a car comes to mind, many Americans tend to think that the difficulty lies in various parts of the process, such as choosing a service provider or ensuring safety.

The thought of compiling the necessary documents or making sure everything meets the standards is understandably complicated for anyone unfamiliar with the process. Although there are various parts of the shipping process that are very detailed, there’s another surprising aspect that you might be struggling with: Choosing a date to ship out your vehicle. 

The challenge of picking the perfect shipping date

Whether you’re trying to send your vehicle across the country for a big move or passing it through a few states back to your garage, choosing a date to ship your car is more challenging than you may expect. This is because finding the right time is an endeavor that entails exercising care because of the different ways it can affect your experience. If you fail to choose the right date, you may risk losing your vehicle to a capsizing boat, damaging it because of turbulent weather, or paying more than you need to on seasonal charges. 

Thankfully, you don’t have to struggle when choosing the right time to ship your vehicle because we will share three practical tips that can ease up the whole experience: 

Tip #1: Consider the average length covered per trip day

If you’re expecting to receive your vehicle by a specific time, then it’s ideal that you work your way backward by figuring out how many days it will take to reach the destination.

For example, with JP Auto Transport, a day of shipping will cover about 500 miles, yet there are certain factors and occasional obstructions that may lower this number eventually. If you find yourself expecting to receive your car, then you’ll need to calculate the distance from the pickup point to your chosen drop-off, divide it by 500, and select a date depending on the answer!

Tip #2: Choose with a support system in mind

Many first-time shippers generally fail to understand that auto shipping dates are determined by the support system of a shipping job, meaning that the date is entirely up to them.

When in doubt, you may want to confer with your support system over what time is most optimal because they will help you find the right date for your needs. Conversely, this same system also acts as your backup at your destination, so you won’t need to worry about any unwanted delays or inconvenience because they’ll iron them out for you! 

Tip #3: Check the weather forecasts when shopping for dates

For any shipper who wants to ensure that their car arrives safe and sound from point A to point B, it pays to know how the weather’s like on potential shipping dates. Before you select a particular time to haul your ride in and have it brought over by an expert service provider—such as JP Auto Transport—check how the weather situation is like for the trip’s duration!


Picking out the right date to send your vehicle over for car shipping is understandably a complicated effort for anyone who wants to ensure a safe and convenient experience. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, however, the experience of picking out the right time to work with doesn’t need to be a complicated effort as long as you consider the necessary details!

We’re one of the most trusted vehicle transport services in all of America, specializing in car shipping above all else. If you’re looking for a reputable vehicle delivery services company in California that offers a safe, quick, convenient, and reliable way to transport your car, give us a call today to get a quote!