Looking for a means of trustworthy auto transport in Pomona? Well, we at JP Auto Transport are here to assist you in the way you want. We are famous in the town for the quality auto shipping services we give with all our honesty and dedication.

What Car Shipping Services You Get From Us

Timely Shipping

Sometimes the car shipment is required on an urgent basis and we ate a pro at relocating your valuable vehicles in less time. Our auto haulers are always moving for car shipping services in Pomona therefore you don’t have to wait long for the delivery of your cars from one place to another. Our expert dispatching team and the auto hauler drivers take one to two days max for shipping your care event at a distant location.

Door to Door Service

We count on those few vehicle shipping companies in Pomona that offer door-to-door service for car shipment. We completely understand your doubts and worries regarding the shipment procedure therefore our team arrives at your pace for the pick-up and delivery of your valuable cars. So, when you are with us you don’t need to be stressed regarding your vehicles at all. Another notable point here is we don’t take much out of your pocket for this facilitation.

Transparent Rates

We only talk about what we do, we are don’t operate like other car shipping services in Pomona that practice duality. For example, there are no hidden charges for fuel, driver’s services, toll taxes, or insurance during shipping. You pay the amount at the time of delivery that you are being told by the agents while getting the quote. And, the charges of our quotes are based on the industry leading algorithm. This algorithm integrates the average price calculation of the delivered vehicles to or from one location to the other in the previous month. Therefore our rates are transparent and economical as well as compared to other auto shipping companies in Pomona.

Insurance of the Vehicles

When it comes to auto transportation every car owner demands some sort of security from the shipping authority as it is a matter of millions of dollars. And, considering this we at JP Auto Transport have one million dollars at the backend for your car insurance coverage during shipment. Our coverage policy gives you peace of mind that your vehicles are in safe hands. In case, auto hauler experiences any mishap during shipping causing damage to your valuable vehicles we bear expenses for the repair or replacement. Hence, you have not to feel any load on your pocket.

 To get all these facilitations for your auto transportation in Pomona reach us out today and get your quote. At the respective day and time, our team of professionals will be at your doorstep or nearest possible point to take your car for shipping it to your desired location.